I’m the King of the Castle Revision – Chapters 7-9

In Chapters 7 to 9 we see the power relationship shift back and forth while the boys are in the woods.


Write two paragraphs comparing how the boys cope in the woods.

Challenge: Who ends up with the power at the end of each chapter? Explain.


I’m the King of the Castle Revision – Chapter 3 Questions

Task Four (see here for Tasks OneThree)

Read Chapter Three and consider these questions:

  • How does Hooper continue to make Kingshaw unwelcome?
  • What new symbol is been introduced? What does it symbolise?
  • Why does Hooper torment Kingshaw? (p.35)
  • What do the parents think about how the boys are getting on?

Task Five

Write in your books using quotations if you have access to the text:

  • How does the writer make the crow seem terrifying to Kingshaw?
  • Do you agree that Kingshaw is presented as both a victim and a person of strength in this chapter?

I’m the King of the Castle Revision – Chapter 2 Questions

Task Two

‘It was raining hard again, and great, bruise-coloured clouds hung low over the copse.’

  • What atmosphere does this set?
  • What does it tell us about Hooper’s state of mind?

Task Three

Read p22-23.

What do you learn about the two boys? Compare the two characters.

  • Answer in at least 2 paragraphs;
  • Use at least 1 quotation for each boy;
  • Make interpretations about their characters.

Challenge: comment on the writer’s use of language to present the two characters.