Revision Guides

Miss Kristy has kindly produced the attached revision guides to help you with the Language Paper.

Revision F – Foundation Language Paper

Revision H – Higher Language Paper

I will be providing printed colour copies of these ASAP.


Form, Audience, Purpose, Style

Form, audience, purpose and style:

With each piece of writing you will be tested on your understanding of form, audience, purpose and style, so you need to be clear about the kind of writing you are aiming for – who exactly are you writing for and what you are trying to tell them?


When it comes to the writing tasks in the exam, your first step is to clearly identify:

  • the form – what type of text should you be writing, eg a magazine article
  • the audience who will be reading your text, eg teenagers
  • the purpose of your text, eg to convince people to do more sport
  • your chosen writing style, eg informal

Read the BBC Bitesize Article of Form (they call it Genre but it’s the same thing), Audience Purpose and Style and how to show you have acknowledged the form.

Non-Fiction Creative Writing

Below is the suggested structure I shared with you in class for using when writing to argue, persuade or discuss.

  • Title – hints at your point of view
  • Personal anecdote / focus on one example
  • State argument clearly
  • Developed reason #1
  • Developed reason #2
  • Conclusion – referring back to beginning story

Remember to always take note of which FORM you are being asked to write.

Ways to Practice at Home

Reading Practice

One of the best ways to practice for your language exams is to read a lot of non-fiction texts – find articles from a broadsheet newspaper, e.g. The Guardian, The Independent or The Telegraph. (print or online) that interest you.

Once you have found an article you are interested in, consider the following:

  1. What are the key points of the article?
  2. Summarise the article in 100 words.
  3. Look at the language used – what words stand out? What effect do they have?

Past Papers

Past papers for the iGCSE are online at AQA. Work through these at home and discuss with family members.

Revision Guides

You can get hold of AQA revision guides which will help you with the skills needed for your exam.