Spy Fiction



  1. What are the ingredients of a great spy story?
  2. Name some famous spies in literature or film that you can find.
  3. What are the four stages of a story?

A Silver Merit for the first right answers and Bronze will go to other comments with good ideas (must be different from previous comments).

Good luck!


Literary Villains

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In Year 7, we are going to spending the next few weeks working on the Literary Villains scheme of learning. This is a fun scheme with a chance to work on your writing skills as well as improving your reading, inference and analysis skills.

Can you name all the villains in the picture above and the books that they come from? A silver merit will go to the first to leave a comment with the right answer!

Even if you don’t know the answers, leave a comment below to tell us who your favourite literary villain is. Come to see Mrs Bythell for your bronze merit if you do.