9XA Extra Home Learning

Please read 9xa-extra-home-learning and answer the questions at the end of the extract. Hand in your work to Mrs Bythell on Friday 10th March.



Year 7 Literary Villains: Extended Learning Project

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Who is the most evil literary villain?

You need to decide on who you think is the most evil literary villain and why? Think about those you have looked at in lessons and from the books that you have read, both at school and at home.

You need to choose your villain and then prepare yourself to argue why your villain is the most evil. You will take part in a balloon debate and must be able to explain why your villain should be the one thrown out of the balloon full of villains!

To do this you will need to research the ‘evil’ and ‘bad’ acts that your villain has committed. You will need to think about how they compare to other villains and how you can persuade people that your villain is the one that beats all others when it comes to being evil.

You must put together all of your reasons and be ready to defend your decision in class.

Week One: Choosing and researching your literary villain. Getting your evidence as to why they are the most evil.

Week Two: Put together your arguments and decide how you are going to persuade the rest of the class that your villain is the most evil. You have to be ready to take your role in the debate in lessons.

Your teacher will give you the date you need to be ready for the balloon debate in class.

If you need to download a copy of these instructions, click here: Year 7 Literary Villains ELP.

Comparison Mindmap


Home learning set 20 April 2015: Please make sure you complete your mindmaps comparing the two books I’m the King of the Castle and Lord of the Flies.

Above are some examples for what you could add with quotations from the books.

Christmas Home Learning

I know you need time to relax and enjoy the festive period but please make sure cover the following while you are off:

1) Revise for your mock exam;

2) Complete the Doddle tasks assigned (old task on poetry and a new one on comma

3) Plan your speech: either learn your existing speech (monument for Trafalgar Square) or plan a new one entitled ‘Why I love…’. You need to be able to talk without reading it.

Have a great holiday.