Lord of the Flies Articles

An interesting article published on independent.co.uk discusses the themes of brutality explored in Lord of the Flies and looks at real-life examples of survival and disaster. The article is written by two authors who have researched and written a book called No Mercy: True Stories of Disaster, Survival and Brutality.

Here is an extract:

For our book No Mercy, we spent five years researching how accurately Golding’s novel reflects the behaviour of real-life groups of disaster survivors stranded in isolated corners of the globe, asking: did Golding get it right?

It turns out he did.


I also found another article on William Golding, the author of Lord of the Flies on telegraph.co.uk. The title of the article is ‘William Golding: A frighteningly honest writer’. In it, author Nigel Williams writes about his memories of working with Golding.

Here is an extract:

“What the book was supposed to be,” he said, as we wandered out into his beautifully kept garden, “was a sort of critical look at our history.” He didn’t suggest his book mirrored actual events in the way in which, say, the events in Animal Farm are clearly meant to parallel the banishment of Trotsky or the Stalin show trials, but he did make it clear that the intention of the book was to look at the whole history of government in one island.