Mock Exam in October

1_mock exams

You will be sitting another mock exam in English Language in October, before the half term break. This will be the same format as the mock you sat last June. The exam is 2 hours 15 minutes. It has 4 reading questions which will require you to demonstrate the various reading skills based on 3 written sources. Then in the writing section of the paper, you will have 2 questions which will ask you to write to explain/inform/describe (question 5) and write to persuade/argue (question 6).

Advice on how to approach these questions can be found here.


A Level English Language and Literature – Year 12


We are now working with the new specification of the A Level course in English Language and Literature which starts with an introduction to methods of language analysis and the scheme of learning called Poetic Voices.

During the latter, we will be studying the poems of Carol Ann Duffy. Poetic Voice refers to the way in which the speaker’s sense of identity is projected through language choices so as to give the impression of a distinct persona with a personal history and a set of beliefs and values.

English Literature in Year 12


In  Year 12, we are working on the new specification and the theme is Love Through the Ages.

We take a synchronic and diachronic approach so that we get a sense of the big picture and the specific.

We are exploring “What is Love?” before we read The Great Gatsby.

Across all lessons, we will cover the three genres of poetry, prose and drama by the end of the year.

Exam Times

Below is the list of the AQA iGCSE exams:

18th May 2015 9am -10.30am:  Literature Paper 1 – Unseen Poetry and Romeo and Juliet

22nd May 2015 9am – 10am:  Literature Paper 2 – I’m the King of the Castle and Lord of the Flies

2nd June 2015 9am – 11am: Language Paper 1

5th June 2015 9am – 11am: Language Paper 2

Ways to Practice at Home

Reading Practice

One of the best ways to practice for your language exams is to read a lot of non-fiction texts – find articles from a broadsheet newspaper, e.g. The Guardian, The Independent or The Telegraph. (print or online) that interest you.

Once you have found an article you are interested in, consider the following:

  1. What are the key points of the article?
  2. Summarise the article in 100 words.
  3. Look at the language used – what words stand out? What effect do they have?

Past Papers

Past papers for the iGCSE are online at AQA. Work through these at home and discuss with family members.

Revision Guides

You can get hold of AQA revision guides which will help you with the skills needed for your exam.