Romeo and Juliet Full Text

2015-04-12 22_02_16-No Fear Shakespeare_ Romeo and Juliet

So that you can revise the play at home, you can find full copies of the play easily on the internet for example here.

To make it even easier, you can go to No Fear Shakespeare which shows the original text with a modern translation so you can easily follow what’s happening. Remember though that when you quote the play in your Literature exam, you must quote the original text and not any translations you have in the book.


Romeo and Juliet


When it comes time to revise Romeo and Juliet, you should try to watch the videos made for the BBC series Shakespeare Unlocked. We watched some in class and the good thing about these videos is that the actors talk through their rehearshal process and in doing so, it makes the text a lot easier to understand.

They have included some key scenes so take a look and remember to take notes in your Literature books.