English Student Leaders


Are you interested in becoming a student leader for the English department?

Becoming a English student leader can be a rewarding addition to school life, with it also being an ideal opportunity to obtain extra points for your CV when you apply for College or University. You get to take part in raising the profile of the English department in North Leamington School and can work as a team with others who wish to be involved in the English department.

During last year’s English leaders journey, we managed to organise a 500 words competition for KS3 and received over 145 entries! We even managed to give out prizes to the winners and the leaders thoroughly enjoyed being able to present prizes in assembly. We also began the organisation of a spelling bee which we plan to continue this year so we are able to hold the spelling bee!

This year, we plan to continue the spelling bee which we began last year, we hope that the new leaders can add more ideas into our event. We would also aim to organise a variety of activities , from assisting people within the department with individual events and working on input from the leaders to make any leader’s idea a reality.

If you are interested in becoming a student leader, come along to H017 lunchtimes on Thursdays at 1.20pm.


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